What is Anal Fistula? (பௌத்திரம்)

The anus is the external opening through which faeces are expelled from the body. Just inside the anus are a number of small glands. If one of these glands become blocked, an abscess — an infected cavity — may form. About 50% of these abscesses may develop into a fistula, in which a small tunnel connects the infected gland inside the anus to an opening on the skin around the anus.


Most fistulas result from an anal abscess. A small number of fistulas may less frequently be caused by other processes such as Crohn's disease,Colitis,History of Trauma in the Anal Region, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, cancer, or diverticulitis.

Signs & Symptoms

  1. Recurrent anal abscesses.
  2. Pain and swelling around the anus.
  3. Pain with bowel movements.
  4. Bleeding.
  5. Bloody or foul-smelling drainage (pus) from an opening around the anus.
  6. Irritation of the skin around the anus due to persistent drainage.
  7. Fever, chills, and a general feeling of fatigue.
  8. You should see your Homeopathy physician if you notice any of these symptoms.


MRI Fistulogram

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy Can Cure Anal Fistula Completely without Recurring of the complaints.Initially 3-4 months the tendency of Boils or Abscess Formation will reduce after that the Internal Tract will Close with in 8 to 10months of  Proper treatment with Proper Diet, Sit Bath & High hygiene.Once Cured It wont recur again.Complete cure is the key to success of Homeopathy System of Medicine

Diet & Nutrition

  1. High Fibre Diet
  2. Drink Plenty Of Water
  3. Avoid Spicy Foods
  4. Reduce Body Heat By Eating Watery Vegetables & Fruits
  5. Do Sitz Bath Regularly After Passing Stool
  6. Use Do Nut Pillow Or Water Pillow While Sitting Long Hours or Long Travelling

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